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    I need a new laptop and i would like some advice about the new USB3. They are a lot more expensive but are they worth it? I read some reviews and it looks like the only advantage is they are faster, but as i don't actually have anything made for USB3 i don't know if USB2 items would work faster on a USB3 computer. Is there any other benefits or anything else i should be looking for? I don't play games, it will be mainly used for general web surfing, often leaving two or three pages open at the same time, Skype with webcam and my daughter will probably use it for Facebook.
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    USB3 is backwards compatible with USB 2.0....but USB2 (alone) will not run faster with USB3

    It is the latest USB technology....but not necessary...IMHO

    The USB 3.0 Specification was published in 12 November 2008.

    Its main goals were to increase data transfer rate (up to 5Gbps), decrease power consumption, increase power output and be backwards compatible with USB 2.0. USB 3.0 includes a new, higher speed bus called SuperSpeed in parallel with the USB 2.0 bus.

    For this reason, the new version is also called SuperSpeed.

    The first USB 3.0 equipped devices were presented in January 2010.
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