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    Default My laptop wont let me log on

    Ok well to start out I have a gateway laptop with windows 7 64-bit, a 500 gb hard drive, 4 gb's of ram, and 2.2 ghz processor. Well here's my problem I let my father use my laptop and he knows very little with laptops and somehow messed it up. I believev he may of shut off when the system was updating or he forced shut down and my system didn't save everything correctly. None the less here's my problem when I log onto my computer it gives me 2 options either to launch startup repair or start windows normally. Well if I launch startup repair it will run for an hour attempting to fix the problem then ask me if I want to restore the system, which I do, yet that doesn't work. And if I just start windows it will bring me to the starting windows page with the microsoft logo and sit there for hours until it shuts itself off. Awhile back I got to log on but my computer ran so slowly the mouse would freeze so I had to shut it down, anybody have any ideas?

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    Hi haneylm,

    Try booting to the windows advanced options menu, restart the computer keep pressing F8, at the menu, black screen with with letters use the arrow keys to select safe mode hit enter on the keyboard. Try doing a System Restore in safe mode. Click all programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore. Sometimes doing a System Restore in safe mode can have good results.

    Let us know.
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