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    Default HDMI stopped working

    I have an HP G60-230 Notebook computer and I have always used it to stream netflix movies using an hdmi cable to connect to my toshiba plasma tv. As of late it has stopped working. I have tried the hdmi cable on other equipment and there is nothing wrong with the cable. I have also connected other equipment to the tv with the cable and there appears to be nothing wrong with the tv either. That leaves the computer. I have connected the tv to the notebook using the monitor and audio connections and this works also. I can only assume it is the HDMI port. Can this be corrected and, if so, how? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    1. disconnect the hdmi cable
    2. go to dev mgr
    3. uninstall all sound devices
    4. on dev mgr click action, then scan for hard ware changes to allow automatic re-installation of the sound devices
    5. go to, support and drivers tab, download drivers and software and put the p/n on the designated box
    6. you need to make sure what the correct operating system that you are using whether its vista 32 bit or vista 64 bit\ etc
    7. install latest audio driver, chipset family driver, and bios updates NOTE: install drivers one-at-a-time to avoid problems during installation
    8. for notebooks, you need to make sure either you have Intel, NVDIA, or ATI graphics chipset driver.... hdmi audio is usually attached on the graphics chipset family driver
    9. restart the nb
    10. re-connect the hdmi cable
    11. look for the volume icon , right click , click on playback devices, set the HDMI audio as default if it will not do automatic configuration....
    NOTE: this is the best practical way to configure sound ... there are cases that when you removed the cable it will still be set to hdmi thus no sound will come from the default speakers of the nb.
    12. for the display you can toggle the display by fn+f4 key but with intel you would need to configure it first to work.. to do that right click on the desktop and go to graphic options and set output to Notebook+Digital television, you can also set it to extended display or not by going to display properties or set it on the graphics control panel.. you have a lot of options actually...
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