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    I kept getting invitations from a group called Knowledge Network. Both in the mail and by telephone (at least once from India). I checked them out. BBB said they were okay. Some people said online that they (or someone they knew) had made money with them. I finally broke down and filled our a survey. Okay, so I can block other online attempts to sell me things and the Postal Service can use the junk mail that people send. Then more surveys and made a couple of bucks. THEN, yesterday I took a survey about my computer preferences. Seemed innocent enough until they said they would put a tracer on my computer to see what sites etc. I used. I backed out of the survey.

    My questions are how can I determine if there is a tracer or key logger on my computer? How can I thwart such an attempt? Can the host file be edited to include their address?
    I probably should have kept telling them NO even if I got calls from North Korea.

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    You can do a system restore to a prior date....they still have any info you gave them ...but the computer may be safer

    Then run the links and apps in my signature below....good luck
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