I have an Acer 7720G and it is unable to start up, the problem is as described in the folloing:

Changed the OS from Vista to win7 ultimate

worked without problems a few times

next time it booted up and startet OS, splash screen came up, and then nothing happens at all

have tried alt-f10 to start erecovery, but that did not work either

have tried to reinstall win7 no luck either

so bottom line, i have a computer which did not work at all, so what to do, as i need to get to HD for erase/Fdisk it, but that seems rather hard to find info about how to do it on this machine. Hve no no erocovery disk og anything else, as sold without any disk at all.

Any good ideas to solve this, or do i really have to buy a new HD

Pls ignore wrong spelling etc etc as i am danish