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    Question Problems with my keyboard after spilling water on my laptop

    Hi, yesterday, I accidentally managed to spill a minor amount of water on my laptop. I turned it off but I was stupid enought to turn it on an hour later to see if it worked. It did work normally, there was just water under the screen. So I browsed trough the internet and found that I should keep it in warm and let it dry. So I put it near the heating but not too much so it wouldn't overheat. Again, I was stupid enough and left it on. I checked it 2 hours later and found out a horifying thing: some of the keys simply stopped working. I browsed trough the internet on my dad's laptop and found everywhere that I should have never turned it back on. So I turned it off and left it near the heating. I'm really scared because I know the keyboard could be short circuitedor something like that. Is there anything I can do to restore the keyboard or do I have to send it somewhere to have it repaired?

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    Hi kattie,

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    So sorry for the delay in responding. Open up the laptop and turn the laptop upside down and allow it to dry for at least 48 hrs. or more. Not sure this will help but you have to at least try. In the end, I fear due to some of the keys not working you may have to have a professional have a look at it.

    Here's a link that may be very educational. Please read post #2 by arknorth. It may help.

    Water Spilled on Laptop Keyboard - Short Circuit?

    Other members may have some advice as well.

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    The make and model of the laptop would help to advise. Some keyboards are easily removed, checked or replaced, others require a little more "technical" ability.
    New keyboards can be sourced for as little as GBP10 USD$16 and are changed with a screwdriver and a clip-off panel. Others are up to 100 ($160) and require a great deal of effort to replace.
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    You might just try turning the open notebook upside down, with the battery removed, for a few days.
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