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    hi a good friend of my pointed me in your direction :-)

    trying to be a helpful future son in law and help out the future mother in law when her laptop died on her, that was easy it was a virus so a quick clean install of xp later(couldnt get win 7 to install and was pressed for time) one working laptop, but due to it being a hp pavillion dv8700 made for vista or i just forgot she had no sound, so as she was away for 2 weeks i had a tinker and popped win 7 on there no problems. the problem started when i put ms office on it and it died.

    now can't do anything with it.

    have tried everything i know

    1) fresh install of xp - hangs at windows is starting or reboots back to post screen
    2) fresh install of win 7 - comes up with message saying "the file may be corrupt. The file header checksum does not match the computed checksum" (wont boot from cd)
    3) USB bootable of both win 7 and xp nothing bar a blinking cousor
    4) USB bootable of Linux - gets to the front screen with option for either live or install - laptop restarts itself
    5) have taken battery out and tried it with mains only - same issue - restarts
    6) ran a quick memtest and it gave me over 4k errors in a short space of time( thinking maybe the ram is dead or broken)

    my thoughts are - 1) dead or dying hard drive 2) dead stick of ram

    any help or pointers would be a great help


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    The problems with USB and the memtest result kinda rule out it being a hard drive problem.

    How many sticks of ram? try just 1, see if you see a difference.

    just hope it is a RAM problem, and not the Motherboard! (fingers crossed!)
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