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    Question Best cheap motherboard for business use

    Hey guys

    I am looking to start building three types of PC's for my clients. Let's call them A,B, and C.

    PC 'A' - only function is to run a touch screen as part of a welcome booth at pubs. Low performance.

    PC 'B' - Is used as a workstation at a place of business. Typically used to run accounting programs etc. Medium performance.

    PC 'C' - Is used as a server running a point of sale system, at the end of the day nothing performance hungry, but can't be crap.

    I don't know whether to go for Intel or AMD (intel guy at heart), and with so many choices on the market at the moment it's hard to choose one.

    Of course I am looking to do it as cheap as possible. No frills. Under $100 would be good, under $75 better...

    Thanking you in anticipation of your very helpful replies.

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    I would run Linux on the server.....the choices are inexhaustible....most servers do not need much to do a good job

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    Mobo $50 and up ....sorry gave you a barebones and left the mobo info out
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