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    Default Mixed sectors in a 7z archive?

    I'm not sure what happened here, and I'm not sure what to do to fix this, but I hope that it can be fixed. I'll try my best to explain it.

    A month or two ago, I had this brilliant idea to compress all my music, documents, and downloads into one giant archive so that I can, more or less, transfer them a bit easily to external HDD devices. Eventually, I tried to extract it to my external HDD. Extracted just fine, as far as extractions go. However, upon opening up my media player to play a particular song, part of another song started, then it moved on to a different part of a different song, and so on.

    This seemed strange to me. I thought, "Maybe it's my media player that's acting up." So I tried it in a different media player. Same result. I thought maybe my mp3 tagging program messed it up somehow (don't know how, but I thought it might have been it). Nope. On a hunch, I attempted to open another file from my extracted files. A pdf file. It came back as "Cannot open: not pdf or corrupted."

    Perplexed, I opened up the archive again and attempted to extract one file from it. During its extraction, it displayed several different files it was getting access from. As a visual:

    Extracting Documents/file.pdf
    Extracting Music/song.mp3
    Extracting Downloads/file.exe
    Extracting Downloads/file2.exe

    So, for one file, it extracted information from four different files. As a result, my archive is corrupted in a... fragmented? sort of way. I'm at a loss what to do. Is there a tool I can use to fix this? I used 7-zip to compress it, and the name of the archive is Archive.7z... I do hope not all is lost... Thanks!
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    These guys are pretty good with 7-zip ....good luck
    I use it too...I go there when I need help 7-Zip: Open Discussion
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