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    Default Recovery disk for the HP Media Center PC

    I Have an HP Media Center PC . Trying to fine out if I NEED to get a copy of THE ORIGINAL Recovery disk for the ... HP Pavilion a1223w .. to reload windows xp . . Thank You Ed

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    Hi bevedmoy,

    Do you have a recovery partition on your machine? Let's see if you do:

    Go to Start then to Run
    Type in compmgmt.msc and click Enter
    On the left side click on Disk Management
    On the right side you will see your hard drive.

    Now I need you to take a screenshot and attach it to your next reply. Do the following to take a screenshot while the above is open and showing on your desktop.

    To do a screenshot please click on the Print Screen (prt sc) key on your keyboard. It can be found in your top row of keys on the keyboard.

    Now go to Start and then to All Programs
    Scroll to Accessories and then click on Paint
    In the Empty White Area click and hold the CTRL key and then click the V
    Go to the File option at the top and click on Save as
    Save as file type JPEG and save it to your Desktop
    Make sure the window is open all the way so I can see everything on the top right window.

    Attach it to your next post.

    or, if you know what to look for,

    Go to Start > Computer

    The recovery partition, under normal circumstances, should be RECOVERY (D.

    If not, you might be able to get the factory recovery disks from the information below:

    HP/Compaq 1-800-474-6836

    you will need the following:

    Serial number
    Product number
    Model number

    and the cost could be anywhere from $16 to $29 USD's :

    Not sure how much the cost would be outside the US of A

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    Performing an HP System Recovery (Windows XP) HP Pavilion a1223w Desktop PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

    After you answer Donna.... you may actually have three recovery options ....some do require disks some do not
    SIGNATURE...When I post info I assume you have already read this link
    How to Start Removing Viruses and Spyware from your Computer