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    Default Losing internet connection

    I am having a persistent problem: I lose the internet link in my home, wifi and thru the ethernet cable, on laptop, phone and tablet. I have had no problems for 8 months that I have been living here but it has become frequent in recent weeks.
    In all instances, the phone laptop tablet all say that I am connected to my network, with a strong signal. The modem's lights are all one and everything looks normal but I can't access the net.

    It seems to happen overnight so when I get up there is no link although it has been happening at other times of the day as well.

    If I reboot modem, the connection comes back.

    One day last week the phone and tab both lost internet link although icons suggested all was Ok yet the laptop was OK and I carried on working. Eventually the phone and tab re-connected with no intervention from me.

    So, that is it. The line coming into the flat is Ok as far as I can tell. I live in Italy and getting help from Telecom Italia is hard but the fact that when the connections are all OK I get an excellent, fast internet service.

    My guess, as a complete tech clutz, is that there is something wrong with the modem.

    Would that be on the right track?



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    The line coming into the flat is Ok as far as I can tell.
    Since your computer indicates you are connecting to your network with a strong signal, it "appears" to be an issue with your gateway device (typically served by a DSL/Cable modem) or the connection to it.

    If you have a router or switch between you computers and the gateway device, I would try another Ethernet cable. They are pretty low-tech an not very robust and can only withstand being tripped over or yanked on a very limited number of times.

    Other than that, you probably need to contact your ISP next time this happens and they can test the connection from their end to your modem.
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