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    Default Corrupt Windows. Registry Problem?


    My friend is having some issues with his computer. Today he ran Disk Cleanup on his Windows 7 machine and now Windows will not load. We're not sure if the two are related, but signs point to yes.

    At first the desktop became corrupted and looked something like this
    with all the normal text replaced by symbols and very low res.

    He restarted the computer and tried to enter in Safe Mode, but it didn't help. He restarted again, and now can't even log into Windows. Everything looks fine up until the point the Windows login screen comes up, which is corrupted and impossible to read.

    Can Windows be reloaded onto his system without losing his files or what would be the best solution?

    Edit to add that he is now having issues even getting Windows to load from the DVD. It just hangs at the blue/green screen before giving him any options.
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    Try a system restore in safe mode to when it was working

    Yes you can do a repair install....but you need to be sure it is not a virus...because only a clean install will remove a virus

    If it was just the Browser it looks like the encoding is not set to UTF-8 code

    Win 7 repair install
    Repair Install - Windows 7 Forums
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    Here's a link that concerns a similar issue. May provide some insight:

    Symbols instead of letters

    Read post #2 by John T
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