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    Default Locked out of Hotmail

    I recently sent email to many friends announcing I have an item for sale. The next day Hotmail sent a notice saying it looks as if another person is using my account. I do not have a MS Pin and have already provided the personal information they request to verify my account. I was then told it would take 24 hours for them to let me know if I provided enough information. How can I open my Hotmail now?

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    Obviously, H2G can not help but go to Microsoft Support Hotmail for can even email them and give them a landline phone number to call you (see contact support below)

    Hotmail - Microsoft Windows Help


    Account temporarily blocked

    Hotmail Help & How-to

    To help protect your Microsoft account from fraud or abuse, we temporarily block it when we detect spam or other fraudulent activity.

    Unblock your account online

    You can unblock your account from your PC. Here's how:

    Contact support to unblock your account

    If you can't verify your account online, contact support.
    Once your account is unblocked, add a phone number to your account in case you need to verify it in the future.

    Other reasons why your account might be blocked

    There might be an problem on our end. You haven't lost any email, but we'll need to get your account info to resolve the problem. Get more help with this issue.
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