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    Question laptop wont start

    my asus laptop will not start. when i press the power button the light and fan come on for a few seconds then go off, sometyms the screen comes on for a few seconds too, I've tried removing the battery pressing the power buttons for a couple of seconds, puting back in the battery and charger and starting it...but it still does the same, please help

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    Hi philxx,

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    If this laptop is still under warranty, I'd contact ASUS Support.

    Otherwise several different things can cause the symptoms you describe. More likely overheating or hardware related. How good are you with working within the confined space of a laptop. If not at all, I'd suggest a local Tech Shop that is reliable.

    We can try a bit of troubleshooting if you'd like:

    If you don't have a can of compressed air, wouldn't hurt to purchase one. I've gone as far as using a vacuum or shop vac that blows in reverse. Never use an air compressor as the extreme flow of air can cause damage. Give the laptop a good cleaning by blowing the dust away through the vents. If you feel confident that you can be very careful you could also take the back off the laptop and blow the dust away in that manner though you'll have to be very careful not to jiggle anything loose. You might want to check to make sure nothing is loose by touching it delicately and making sure it is secured tightly into place.

    Here are a couple links that will help:

    Laptop Parts 101

    How to Clean Inside a Laptop Computer |

    If cleaning the dust away does not resolve the problem, it could be a hardware related issue and your CPU or Motherboard is going bad.

    One of the other members may have some ideas as well. Please stay tuned.

    If you think you might be infected with malware or have recently cleansed your computer of malware without the help of an expert, please read and follow the instructions in How to Start Removing Viruses and Spyware from your Computer. This can alleviate time consumed in trouble shooting your current computer problems.

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