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    Question IPAD IOS 6 How to get my videos from my icloud back up?


    How can i get to my back up files on the Icloud software which is on my computer so I can dowload them on my computer?

    My IOS 6 was restored sometimes between December 29th 9pm and December 30th 1 am..
    My restored IPad is now empty from my pics and videos.
    I want to get my videos back! Luckily all my pics are on Dropbox, but i took 2 videos with my Ipad camera that I did not save and that i need to get back. I know they were included in the last icloud automatic back up before the restore point.

    Today, I read On Apple site, that during the restore process. there is the option "restore from back up" or "restore as new"
    They say to click on "restore from back up" and then the 3 last back ups will be offered to me to chose from.
    Given I did not plugged to the electricity my Ipad since it got restored, I thought at least one of the 3 back ups would be from before the restore point and would contain my videos.

    So, I did a second restore today at 1.03 pm and did click the option "restore from icloud back up"
    But it did not offer the 3 last back ups.
    It showed only one automatic back up done on the 30th at 1 am, which was after or during the first restore.
    I clicked on it and the restore process followed on.

    My Ipad is still empty as new.

    Yet when i go to the icloud software on my computer, it shows:
    "icloud Storage 0.53gb available out of 5gb"
    like before my first ipad restore.
    I hope it means I still have one good back up available from before the first restore. I want to get to read the content of that back up so to copy it on my ipad or my computer.
    So I clicked on "manage my storage"
    it says in red letters, on top of the icloud window "541.20 mb out of 5gb"
    and it shows a list that says
    back ups 4.4GB and Email 22 mb
    when i click on "back ups" it says "owner's Ipad today at 1.03 pm..... 4.4GB" which is the time of my second restore.
    But the only option in that window is "delete"
    I want to copy it on my computer or my Ipad to get my 2 videos back.

    I was wondering if any of you could help me with this.
    Thank you and Happy New year
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    Hi thaly, sorry for the delay in replying. If I understand your post, the problem lays with your iPad. Our site is dedicated to answer questions referring to PC type machines. We do have members who have Apple hardware, but I think your problem would be more quickly answered at an Apple/iPad forum. By all means, stay tuned to this thread as perhaps one of our members may be able to help, but do explore the Apple/iPod forum in the meantime.