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    OK I know this is not strictly a computer problem but i'm sure someone can offer some help. What i want is a pay as you go phone that won't cost a fortune. I don't need gadgets or thousands of apps. All i really need is something that makes and receives calls, stores numbers and has a big screen with very fast wifi for free internet use in pubs and coffee shops. I currently have a Samsung Genio slide but as i get older i find my eyes are getting worse and the screen is far too small and it takes forever to load pages. I occasionally dabble with Betfair so i need to be able to place a bet with split second timing. This phone is so slow that by the time i get the bet on the race is finished. So to sum up what i want is

    1. Very very fasy wifi
    2. Big screen
    3. A reasonable price
    4. Easy to use

    Any ideas?
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    I know other members are better qualified to advise as I am not a smart-phone expert

    The options are numerous but my adult daughter mentioned this phone as an option

    I do not know about phone use in London but this is OK for the USA

    She says the screen is relatively small, but it is visible to most users (phones are small period)

    With its 4G LTE connection, zippy dual-core processor, and affordable price, the phone packs a lot of punch into a tiny frame. In addition, it's perfect for anyone who wants one of the latest Android OS phones without a contract.
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