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    Default HP Pavilion m6 - Bad Hard Drive

    I have an HP Pavilion m6 that apparently has a bad hard is still under warranty, so I am sending it in to get replaced. The problem is that when I send it in it comes back as a clean slate. So my question is- What is the correct and easiest way to save my OS/Programs/Files so that I can reinstall on my new computer? I bought the computer from Best Buy and it came pre-installed and I do not have the disks that it came with. Also I am not that computer savvy so this is why I am coming to the experts.

    Note:I looked into BackBlaze and I think that I will go with them for my basic files/movies/photos. But as far as OS/Programs I am not sure how to save them. Currently loaded on my computer is HP Recovery Manager and it contains the drivers I believe Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Hello Dread537,
    Unfortunately you cannot save programs including OS unless you use a ghost program Norton's the one many people opt for. However, if your computer is still on warranty you should mention to them that they should install all the programs that came with your computer, they may even copy your data files etc if they're in a good mood (but I'd copy them before sending the HD in just for peace of mind).

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