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    Have an Acer 5253 laptop on windows 7. When I turn off my computer, if I unplug the power cord, the computer shuts down completely and will not start. I then have to pull out the battery and press the on-off button for about three minutes to purge the computer from all electriciy, put the battery in and plug the power cord in then wait several minutes before the ready light comes on, and the computer will start up. The power cord and the battery seem to check out, so I don't believe that's it. What's my problem.

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    Hi scamperdog,

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    Sounds like the battery may not be charging. When the laptop battery is in and the charger is plugged in, does it display as being plugged in and charging by the battery icon near your clock?

    Take the battery out and only plug in the charger. Does it power on ok?

    How old is this laptop? Is the warranty still good?

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