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    i unstilled the java on my computer and i have windows vatsa and it did not download it can you help me? i went to my control panel and click the java and it did not show the enable plug ins

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    Hi kilroy623,

    I wouldn't even bother reinstalled or re-enabling Java. The average home computer user does not need Java installed on their computer. Once upon a time, Java was needed for websites to be displayed appropriately. That's not the case anymore. I had uninstalled Java several months ago and have not found a need for it.

    You can go your Control Panel then Programs and Features and uninstall everything related to Java and it will not effect the way your computer functions one bit! People think they HAVE to have it. You don't!

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    Should You Disable JavaScript?

    Java and Java Script are not the same

    We recommend against disabling JavaScript.

    Itís a widely used language that makes the web what it is today, allowing for websites to be more responsive, dynamic, and interactive. Disabling JavaScript takes websites back to a time when they were simple documents without any other features. While some people may long to return to that time, thatís not the web we live on today.

    There have certainly been a few cases where disabling JavaScript could have blocked a new security vulnerability from being exploited, but those have been rare and fixed quickly.

    Bear in mind that there have been cases where browsers themselves were exploited and disabling JavaScript didnít help. To protect against such attacks, we could stop using browsers entirely, downloading web page HTML files and reading them by hand in a text editor. But we donít. The small risk of using a web browser instead of a text editor is worth the huge improvement in usability a browser offers. The same is true for JavaScript Ė leaving it enabled is a very small risk for a very big benefit.
    Of course, your browser is yours. You have the ability to control what it does Ė you could even disable all images entirely and browse the web without ever downloading an image. You could disable Flash entirely and never watch videos online. You could use a text-mode browser like w3m in the terminal instead of using a graphical browser.

    What You Should Java as Donna recommended

    We do recommend uninstalling Java entirely (or disabling Java if you canít uninstall it). Adobe Reader has also been another source of compromises Ė you may want to uninstall it and use a third-party PDF reader. Chrome and Firefox both include built-in support for PDFs, while there are other lightweight options like SumatraPDF.
    Rather than disabling JavaScript and whitelisting it, you will see more performance and security improvements from using click-to-play plugins in Firefox or Chrome.
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    How to Start Removing Viruses and Spyware from your Computer

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