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    Default downloading pics...

    Hi there.
    Using my memory card from didital cam, I would normally put in comp., & I would get an option of where to download to....
    well, instead of just downloading my latest pics, it wants to download them all.....247 of them......
    i use windows vista, premium.....always choose pics to go to windows photo gallery.....
    is it the program or my sd card?
    Please help! and thank you!

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    Hi Donnajean and welcome to Help2Go.

    I am not seeing a problem here, but without knowing how the images were stored, I can only guess. And my guess is your images are stored in many folders on the memory card - perhaps a new folder for each day. You will need to "explore" each of those and use Cut and Paste to move them to your computer.

    If you double click on Computer from desktop to open "Windows Explorer", you should see all your drives, including the memory card. You should be able to view the contents of the card from there and drag them to your hard drive.
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