Hi all hope someone can offer some advice.

bought an old Compusys PC running Windows XP Pro for the grandkids, have upgraded the ram, updated all the drivers etc, also changed the PSU, however I want to add a bigger hard drive but cannot access the BIOS due to a password, when changing the PSU I took out the CMOS battery hoping that would solve the problem but it did not, password request is still there.

How can I get rid of that password? maybe I didn't leave the battery out for long enough ? I know I can move jumpers but what if I can't locate them or there aren't any?

the board is an INTEL D945GTP

BIOS version NT94510J.86A.3933.206.0630.1408.

I know there is a bios update available, would I be able to update the bios even though there is a password?

I have tried on the Intel Website but got no joy , Thanks