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    Default computer monitor not working

    Hello I am new here and dont have much technical knowledge also. but here is the problem that i am facing.

    recently bought a viewsonic monitor (va1932wm) and for some reason my laptop does not work with it. i keep getting no signal.

    my computer is an old hp laptop: dv6324us pavilion, running on windows 7

    I read something about the driver not supported for windows7 dont know if that has anything to do with it.

    the cable for monitor and the monitor itself works just fine. because i tested it with my dell running on windows 8. Any suggestions would be very grateful, i hope i didnt waste money on this monitor

    Thanking you in advance


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    Hi toketaz and Welcome.

    Monitors don't use drivers. The so-called monitor "drivers" we hear about are not really drivers at all - they just provide the manufacturer name and model number, and gray-out the resolutions it does not supports in Windows so when you look at the monitor properties, you can see that information. Otherwise, it will list all resolutions the graphics card (not monitor) supports and say "Generic Monitor". However, the displayed images on the screen will be exactly the same.

    The only graphics drivers you need are those to your card. Windows communicates with the card, the card communicates with the monitor. Cards and monitors already know how to communicate - otherwise you would not be able see the BIOS information, which is displayed before the boot disk (and drivers on the boot disk) are touched.

    Are you pressing the correct Function Key combination to switch to the external monitor? Press and hold the function key while pressing the appropriate "F" key to cycle through internal, external or both monitors. Check your manual or visually inspect the F-keys to see which one enables the external monitor. It varies by brand and model. On my Toshiba, it is Fn+F5, but I have also seen F4 and F9 used.
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