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    Default internet connection stops so dose emails

    Hello For some reason my computer keeps on stopping after a while it connection to the internet & its not the router or modem because I have other computers that dose work its only this computer after not sure but lets say 3 hours it stops no sending or receiving emails no websites all is not working (maybe my copmuter gets slow too bot sure) I did a scan came up with nothing i did a malwere bites scan 1rst time it showed me a threat "PUP.Optional.OpenCandy" I deleted it made another scan showed me all fine but still have this problem I have to close my computer & restart then it works again dont know why PLEASE HELP.

    PS I did delete all temp files what I able to

    Thank you ALL!!
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    Sadly, you told us nothing about your computer, version of Windows, or how your computer connects to your network.

    If me, and if connected via Ethernet, I would try a different Ethernet cable. They are not very robust and cannot take too many yanks and trip-overs. You might try moving it to a different router port too and individual ports can go bad.

    Beyond that, we need more information.
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