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    Default Does a router keep track of exact sites?

    I use Qwest, and when I type in my IP Address, it takes me to the 'Qwest Modem Configuration Actiontec Pk5000' webpage. I go to 'Utilities', and then to 'Web Activity Log', but I can't find any way to delete the history.
    I didn't recognize any of the sites, and that made me wonder, what exactly does it record, if not the exact sites?
    If it does keep track of certain sites, is there a way that I can delete the sites from the activity log? The only buttons that I can see are the 'next' page, and the 'refresh' page.
    (Sorry that I don't have any more information, I'm kind of new to this whole 'router' thing.)

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    To ensure understanding, when you entered the IP address of your router, you entered the router's "internal" menu system and logs. Because it is accessed via your browser, it appears as a "web page" but understand it is not out on the Internet for others to access or see.

    Check your "menu options" again. I would be surprised if there is not a "Clear Logs" button somewhere. Alternatively, you may be able to disable logging. It is only needed for troubleshooting so you can enable it later if you need to.

    As a last resort, you should be able to "reset" your router to factory specs - but again, that would be a "last" resort as you would have set it up again.
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