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    Default low disk space hp tools E

    Hello- I confess from the beginning I am technically challenged. That being cleared up I would really appreciate some help.

    For approximately two weeks I have been receiving a warning pop-up on the bottom right side of the screen, telling me LOW DISK SPACE "HP_Tools (E)" disk is running out of space. (I went to control panel and saw that it is red where the space indicator bar is.) At the beginning, I would click on the message saying Click here to see if you can clean up anything on the drive but it would send me to my trash bin. the problem there was it's empty, 0, nada, nothing. I even tried to clear out space on other files but still rearing it's ugly message. From reading another thread- same message different drive (D) went to options to clear history...still popping up.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help
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    Hi Hippygirl!

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    I do apologize for the delay in responding. Let's find out what is taking up all that space.

    Please download and install WinDirStat.
    • Click on the desktop icon to run the program.
    • Click on Individual Drives and then click on the HP_Tools E: drive.
    • When the pacmen have finished there will be a graphic display of that drive.
    • Click on the + (plus) sign to expand the folders found.
    • Place your cursor on the divider line between the text above and the color graph below and drag downwards to expand the upper portion of the resultant image produced.
    • Please create a screen shot and attach or upload the image to your next post so I can have a look
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