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    Default External Drive how to Merge Expand Partions in Windows 7

    Hi to Help2Go

    Can anyone advise?

    I have an external drive with 3 Primary Partions and 1 (one) Free Space. The drive is used for backups.

    This is how it looks in Windows 7 Disk Management.

    Ext Disk Partion 2 (K) ****** ** Free Space *********** Ext Disk Partition 3 (M) ********** Ext Disk Partion 1 (L)
    29.21GB NTFS ***************** 27.42GB **************17.59GB NTFS **************** 223.87 GB NTFS
    Primary Partion ************************************* Primary Partion **************** Primary Partion

    I would like to move the 27.42 GB Free Space into External Disk Partion 1 (L) 223.87 GB NTFS Primary Partition

    I cannot see how I can do this using Windows 7 Disk Management.

    If I format the Free Space 27.42 GB with NTFS it becomes a Logical Drive.

    Should I format the Free Space 27.42 GB with NTFS so that it becomes a Logical Drive? Or is this not necessary?

    Is there anyway that I can move the 27.42GB as either Free Space or as an NTFS Logical Drive into External Disk Part 1 (L) 223.87 GB NTFS Primary Partition ?

    I appreciate any help.

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    EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition is what I use whenever I want to add, delete, or resize partitions. Just remember, if you want to make one partition larger, you typically have to make another smaller first.

    Also, before even thinking of messing with your partitions, backup your data. While I have never had a problem using this program, an unexpected power outage or other event could ruin your day.
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