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    Default Battery Latch/Lock

    My battery latch/lock is broken on my Toshiba Satellite Pro S360-S1001 laptop. The battery is being held in on one side by the battery release button. I've seen several battery latches on eBay but none are for this model. Does anyone have any ideas? The laptop starts for a few seconds but cuts out after that. I have to remove battery, unplug laptop, hold down start button for 20 seconds to get it to go through the same cycle again. I've ordered a new battery but wondered if there was something I could do in the interim. The DC power plug on the laptop is also loose. I'm considering installing a new one after I recive the new battery.

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    Hi cal4591,

    Replacing the power adapter port/plug is a very delicate task. I had mine replaced at my local tech shop since it did involve soldering to the mother board.

    As for the battery latch/lock, if the latch/lock is damaged on the casing of the laptop itself, I don't think a new battery will lock into place. You may have to fix the case itself.

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