As a footnote, I have been checking my add-ons on FireFox and finding that according to them I needed to up date adobe. I did a couple of times. Then even though it said in Firefox that I needed to update, when I went to remove programs, it said that I had updated.

NOW I checked one of the Kim Kommando newsletters (I rarely do, but this sounded urgent) She is warning that Adobe is needing updating NOW.

I clicked on the link she gave and got a green download block.
I clicked on it and got some kind of programs that were hard to delete. Changed my home pages for both FireFox and IE.

Tried to uninstall, I think they had their own installs (yeah, right).

Finally I did a restore to the 24th and apparently that got me back in the saddle.
I don't think that I need help with this now, but just wanted to warn you that maybe even Kim can be hacked. I don't think that she would purposely distribute bad info.