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    Default How to create a personal wifi hotspot

    My broadband provider BT offer free use of their wifi hotspots for their customers. The problem is I can rarely find one and when I do they are too slow. I want to try betting on horses in running at the racetrack so I need a lightning fast connection. I did a search and found two options, a dongle and mobile wifi. I will be using my laptop. The dongle is restricted to one item connected to it and the mobile wifi can have up to ten. This is not a concern as I only want to connect one item (the laptop). I tried a dongle a few years ago on 2G and it was a waste of time. It was so slow the race was over before I got online. But I heard 4G is even faster than my home broadband. So my question is what is better, the dongle or the mobile wifi? My idea is to use it to create a personal hotspot then log on using my BT account so I will get free use. An example of both can be seen here Get online with Vodafone dongles and Mobile Wi-Fi
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    So my question is what is better, the dongle or the mobile wifi?
    Mobile wifi lets you connect to a wireless network. A dongle lets you connect to a cell phone network. Which is better defends on what's available at that specific location - and how much you want to pay for your cell access.

    In other words, there's no way to answer that - except to say connecting to a local wireless network is typically MUCH cheaper (or free) and a dongle incurs typical cell charges. 4G is fast, but of course, must be available in that specific location, and the dongle must support it too.

    Other factors include with wireless adapter of your notebook. If it does not support 802.11n (or better yet, 11ac) I would suggest you get an adapter that does first. But of course, the tracks network you connect to must support the faster protocols too, or else your adapters will be forced to toggle down in speeds (which they all can do).

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