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    Today, on her Weekend Digital Digest, Kim Kommando says that you can see everything that you have ever Googled.
    Not that I am overly paranoid, but what the heck. Actually lately I use Start Page "enhanced by Google".
    When I went to the site that Kim recommended, it asked for a password. Neither hotmail, nor yahoo password worked.

    Is there a Google password? If so, I must have set it a very long time ago.

    Not a real problem here, just sounded like something to look into, and something some of your other users might be interested in.

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    The only password I have for Google is my G-Mail account, perhaps the works across other Google accounts.


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    Google does keep records of everything that goes through their system but it is not true you (or anyone) can see everything you ever searched for. For example, you can use Google and not be signed in to Google. So Google would know it came from your IP address, but not your Google account.

    I would not really worry about it (unless you are into illegal activities!) It can actually be helpful as Google uses this information to present you with links to things you might like.

    But if you are concerned, I recommend you change your Home/Start page to DuckDuckGo. It is also an excellent search engine but they do not track you. This is what I use as my Home page.

    BTW, I just looked at my Google History and found it very interesting. It says over the years, I have made 23,701 searches. It shows most of my searches occurs between 6 - 8am It does say "Only you can see your history". I was able to go all the way back to Feb 11, 2006 but Google has been around since the mid 90s and I created my account shortly after they first came on line.

    Also, on the History page, there is gear Tool menu to Remove items. One of the options given is "From the beginning of time". I selected and it appears to have removed all 23,701 search items.

    This means if someone else some how gets access to my Google account, they cannot see my history.

    Finally, if you go into your account, you can turn off search history.
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