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    Default Windows Update fails to find updates

    I am running a Lenovo Thinkpad with 64 bit Windows 7 Pro and have been doing regular monthly updates for several years. The last update was done on January 4th while I was on holiday. I tried to update on February 11th but gave up after Windows searched for 45 minutes and never found any updates. Now I have tried again and once again the search failed.

    I downloaded and installed the latest Windows Update Agent without any improvement.

    I ran Windows Update Troubleshooter and it reported that all problems were fixed but he service registration was missing or corrupt so I ran net bit and net wuauserv from the command line. On checking both services were started but bit was set to manual so I changed this to automatic. This resulted in no improvement.

    On searching the web I found another suggestion and cleared the Windows/Software Distribution folder but this did not help.

    I ran the troubleshooter again and it now said the services were fixed but gave an error 0x8007003. On searching this error Microsoft's suggested solution was to run the Troubleshooter again. I did this and then rebooted before trying Update yet again but with the same negative result.

    Finally I tried turning off Zone Alarm and Avast AV (which I have run for several years) but still no result.

    I discovered I had done a Windows System Image in November and so restored this image and tried Update again with the same negative result. I slept on he problem overnight and then tried the desperation step of doing a full reinstall of Windows.

    The first significant event was that early on it asks whether it should check for updates to the installation. I agreed to this but to my dismay this updater did the same thing and kept searching for 40 mins. I stopped this and repeated the process but skipped the updating step and the installation went without a hitch, including activation. Did this solve the problem - No!

    I rebooted again and ran the Windows Update Troubleshooter again. It passed everything but reported an error 0x8024402C. I researched this on the Web but all suggestions seemed to be about trouble with Proxies and I have none. Microsoft said the error occurs because an incorrect character exists in the proxy override setting and offered a fix but when I ran this it said that this fix was not for my set up - presumably either Win 7 or perhaps because there are no proxies.

    I found another post which suggested Control Panel/Troubleshooting/Windows Update and this ran as far as displaying "Searching for updates on-line" and stayed there for half an hour!

    Finally I downloaded (very slowly) the SURT mentioned and the installer which gets as far as "Searching for updates on this computer" and has stayed there for about 45 mins.

    I have just run my Thinkpad updater overnight but it still doesn't find any updates.

    I see there are several other people on various forums describing a similar situation and in view of the episodes mentioned above I am wondering whether there is not a problem at the other end and not on my computer. I have now spent many hours on this problem and am still faced with a notebook that will come under increasing risk while on-line so, Please can someone with the necessary knowledge sort this out.

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    Hello kenA

    Not a problem I'd be comfortable with helping.

    suggest you visit here ---> See the windows update section.