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    Default filehippo.appmanager.exe

    New member here hoping to get this sorted out, if it is even something that can be sorted out. Im running a windows 10 machine and am quite boggled that in Settings > Notifications & actions >Select which icons appear on the taskbar there seems to be FileHippo.AppManager.exe to be toggled on or off twice in the listing as if i had the application. I recall uninstalling it quite possibly i didnt uninstall it correctly? Cant even begin to know where to go about searching for more info on how to get it removed or why it is even listed twice in that preference section. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hello and welcome to Help2Go. In the window 'Select which icons appear on the taskbar' at the top select 'Always show all icons in the notification area' to the Off position. Select the items you want to see to the 'on' position, the others to the 'Off'. The 'FileHippo.AppManager.exe' is just an .exe file (not an installed program) so you just need to delete the file (no uninstall process needed), so just find the file (do a search if you have to) right click it and delete. You will probably find it in C:\Program Files (x86)\ .. there is an uninstall file there too you can use, just double click it. The manager is basically a short cut to

    Hope this helps.
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