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    Default Update or clean install


    I am wondering which is better to do in order to have windows 10 on my the update button or have a clean install? I think updating is easier but I don't know if it's also the good thing to do, so that I don't have trouble afterwards...could you please advise?

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    No easy answer. Most updates work with no problems - especially when updating from W8.1 on a PC where there are many industry standards dictating how everything works.

    Notebooks are proprietary so users must rely on the notebook maker to ensure compatible drivers are available and work. And there have been more problems reported upgrading older systems running W7 than upgrading newer systems with W8.1 - most likely because the W10 driver model is more closely like W8.1's.

    Upgrading to W10 keeps all your data and installed program in place. A clean install wipes them all out but typically does help insure few problems (with Windows).

    You take your chances either way so just make sure you have a good backup of your current system before starting.
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