Hi, I don't know if you can help with this, but I thought I'd ask. Sometimes I post replies to Yahoo articles. Not often, but sometimes. I noticed lately that someone knows exactly where I post like they can find that information out. I know that a person used to be able to click on the poster's username and all their replies to articles would come up but that can't be done anymore. So, how does this person know exactly how and where I post and how many posts I have posted to date on articles and can even find my posts on little known articles that I could barely find myself. They seem to know them just like that as if a person can find that information out. I don't know. I click on a person's username and it shows nothing. Unless they have the full email address(which they don't) how is it possible to even get to a person's account information? Is there a way that can be shut off on one's computer or something someone has to click to stop them from finding this out? Help would really be appreciated with this.

The second thing is that, in trying to find an answer to the above, I came across info that said unless SSL is shut off people can read your
emails. I can't find where SSL is on my Yahoo page.