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    Default Wireless connection keeps on dropping

    Hello all! I am having difficulty determining the cause why my wifi connection keeps dropping or geting disconnected and I hope the details I will provide will give an idea on how my network at home works.

    Our DSL connection at home is first connected through a modem provided by the Telecommunications Company we are subscribed to. for the past 13 years there is no problem with our modem which is also the case now.

    This modem is connected to our Router that provides wired and wireless connection to our devices. my personal computer is connected through LAN while all our Smart Phones, Tablet and Laptops are connected through Wireless connection. This wireless connection is working properly and does not have any disconnection issues.

    My Personal computer at my room located at the 2nd floor of our house is connected thru Lan as I have mentioned earlier. This is due to the fact that first, it does not have any wireless card and second, the wireless signal does not reach my room.

    My computer, which I am using now, does not have any connectivity issues and is connected to the internet flawlessly.

    My issue started when I bought a Wireless-N mini router which I planned to use as a router where I will be able to Connect my Router at the 1st floor to the Wireless-N Router by means of a wired connection, while the Wireless-N router will now share that connection wireless to my devices while I am at my room. I only turn on this Wireless-N device when I am at my room.

    Basically my set up is as follows:

    Modem --(wired)--> Router --(wired)-->Wireless-N Router --(wireless)--> Device

    Now, what I notice is that whenever I connect my device through the Wireless-N SSID, It does connect, it does grant internet connection to my iPhone but I also notice that the Connection of my iPhone to the Wireless-N is dropping. The device is still turned on but the SSID will be gone for a awhile and shows up again after 5-15 seconds. I cannot determine what causes this. My Wireless connection from my router at the 1st floor is working correctly.

    I also notice that if I do not connect the WAN/LAN cable on my wireless-n router, it does not drop the connection with my devices, This is also what is happening if I try to have it function as a Wireless Repeater, once it is connected to my router at the 1st floor it will drop the connection at some point and will be doing so every few minutes.

    I will be attaching some images of my Set up on my 1st floor router and my 2nd floor Wireless N Router for your perusal.

    Thank you and I hope someone can determine whats causing this and how to solve it.

    it seems i cannot attach images using the tool here on help2go so i just uploaded it on an image server. here are the links

    my 1st floor router:

    my personal computer network adapter settings:

    my 2nd floor Wireless-N Router:

    other settings of my 2nd floor router:
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    You will most likely need a network person to assist with this. I would suggest posting

    Here--> Bleeping Computer Technical Support Forums

    There should be section for Networking.