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    Default Screens go off but PC stays on

    Dell Desktop
    Windows 10 Pro
    Pentium Dual Core E5800 3.2 GHz
    8GB RAM
    64 bit operating system

    I am using dual screens (Hanns.G)
    Under device manager I have the following two 'display adapters' listed:
    • Intel G41 Express Chipset (Microsoft -WDDM 1.1)
    • Kensington M01063

    They both say they are up to date.

    THE ISSUE: When I start up my PC both displays work fine, but sometimes (I think when the PC goes into sleep mode, but not 100% sure) the screens go off, but I can still hear the PC working. I try moving the mouse, hitting ctr+alt+del, shouting at it... but nothing. If i turn the screens off and on again I just get a message saying that I need to check the video input cable, then the screens go back to standby mode. So its like the PC is working fine, but they obviously are).

    I've tried all the connections, taken them out, put them back again. They are fine (hence they do work when I restart).

    But I have to reboot my computer to get them back on again (not good for it as its probably got programs already running). I had an issue doing this last time and got the blue screen of death and ended up having to reinstall the whole PC.

    Another issue, not sure if its related, is that when I do close down my PC using the power button and start up again, on start up it powers u for two seconds, then totally shuts down. It tries again automatically straight away - same result. Then the third time it tries it succeeds (its a bit light a petrol lawnmower in that it doesn't seem to ignite on the first two pulls, but when it does its okay).

    Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

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