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    Default Restore to factory default image

    I'm using Samsung Ativ One 7 which came with Windows 8 Home Premium. It's been upgraded through 8.1 and 10 using Windows free upgrade. After upgrading to Windows 10 I was having problems with connecting to the internet, which I've now solved but as part of that, one thing I tried was the Windows option to reset the pc. After doing this it had removed several programs including Samsung Recovery which included the Factory Image. So now I can't open the program and reset to Factory Image, restarting and pressing F4 it just says Please Wait, with little scrolling bar as it starts to enter recovery mode but goes no further. I did make a boot disc with recovery image but again just get as far as when pressing F4, I've went into boot settings and changed boot order so it is booting from external drive first. I think the recovery partitions are still ok, they're still listed in Disc Management and Disc Defragment as SAMSUNG_REC and SAMSUNG_REC2.
    Is there some way to restore Factory Image, any help is much appreciated.
    The main reason for restore is to get back a lot of the programs that were deleted during Windows reset, one of which was ArcSoft tv 5.0, if Factory Reset isn't possible, can I download this from somewhere, I assume any hardware, tuner etc. associated with it would be unaffected.

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    Hi tintin, you should be able to go to the samsung website support area for your system and download drivers and software that the computer originally came with.
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