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    Default Monitor not receiving signal from computer

    I have a Dell OptiPlex 960 computer running Windows 7 and this computer is not connected to the Internet, as it is used to control an analyzer in a laboratory. My problem is; the monitor is blank, except for a message that the computer is not sending a signal to the monitor.

    I have tried a different monitor that I know is good but the different monitor gave me the same black screen and the same error message.

    Please help me...thanks.

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    Well, swapping in a different monitor was the first step. By doing that, you verified the problem is not the monitor.

    Did you swap cables too? Did you ensure the computer end of the cable was securely fastened?

    It looks like that computer supports both analog (D-Sub/VGA) and digital (HDMI) video outputs. Have you tried both (assuming between the two monitors, you can use VGA and HDMI)?

    Beyond that, it seems that computer uses integrated graphics and does not support adding a card so not sure what options you have if it is the integrated graphics that is bad.

    There are USB graphics adapters, but not sure that is something you might be interested in. I have no experience with any so I cannot attest to their effectiveness.
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