I tried to set up a NAS on an old computer so that I could capture and save security video from my WiFi security camera. The current camera uses an SD card in the camera to store any motion detections. The camera manufacturer has a subscription service that I can pay for to store the video's in the clouds but would rather not trust the cloud or spend the money monthly to store them.
I used TrueNAS and all seemed to install correctly on the spare computer. I can access the NAS Dashboard from a browser. Of course, I may not have set up the NAS properly to accept videos from the security camera. Too many settings that I am not sure of. As you can tell, I'm a little over my head on all this.
The camera has the ability to set it up to send the videos to a NAS but while I was going through the camera's wizard, it requires that I put the camera on a static IP address. Here are some of the problems.
My router (TP-Link AX3000) is not centrally located so I purchased a Ubiquity Access Point (AP) (Unifi AP-AC-LR) that is connected to the router by Cat5 cable (the TP-Link router's WiFi is turned off). The AP is centrally located for excellent coverage.
When I went into the Unifi app, it would not allow me to set the security camera to a static IP address saying that I needed to purchase a Unifi Security Gateway to be able to accomplish this task.
Not wanting to do that, I was told by Ubiquity that I should go into my TP-Link router and put the camera on a static IP address there. I went into the router's settings and did find my camera there but am not sure of all the settings to make this WiFi camera keep a static IP. Plus I don't really understand how the router could override the AP's settings for the camera.
In addition, even if I was able to set up the security camera, I don't see where or how I can access the files on my PC.
I'm totally lost about all this so any guidance is immensely appreciated.