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    dear sir/mam,
    my computer accesses the hard disk & floppy drive(i.e searches for a floppy) automatically for every 2 hrs or so. this happens in a periodic fashion for approximately every 2 hrs or so even when the computer is kept idle. i have disabled all my task schedulers but still this problem persists. how can is top this.please help.
    thanking you,
    amith rai

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    Chances are, if you have Office installed, the Find Fast utiltiy that comes with it is sinstalled. this reindexes the drive at a preset time.
    For office XP in XP/2000 In Control Panel
    Select Add / Remove Programs
    Select Add / Remove Windows Components
    Uncheck the Indexing Service.

    For Win 98/ME On the Start menu, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
    In the Control Panel window, double-click Find Fast.
    In the "Index for documents in and below" list, click the first item.
    On the Index menu, click Delete Index. In the Delete Index dialog box, click OK. When you are prompted whether to delete the index, Click OK.
    Repeat steps 3 and 4 until no more indices are listed.
    On the Index menu, click Close And Stop. Then, click OK to stop Find Fast.
    Then, do either of the following:
    Remove the Microsoft Find Fast shortcut from the StartUp folder (typically in the Windows folder in the Start MenuPrograms folder).

    Run the Microsoft Office 97 Setup program in maintenance mode, and remove Find Fast.