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    I have a Dell system with win me. My problem seemed to have started after a new software paperport scanner install. AOL is my isp and I an able to access AOL but not the WWW. I launched IE (5.5) which was also unable to. The errors read that the page action was cancelled no matter which site I access. I also had a connection reading IE3 proxy on the bottom left hand screen. After removing paperport (my restore was corrupt) using all utilites and trouble shooters I could find, including AOL tec help recs & reinstalling AOL , IE and WinMe, I finally withdraw reformatted my c drive and reinstalled WinMe & AOL. Guess what? page action was cancelled. I then installed AOL with Netscape Gecko since I can’t access a web site to d/l IE 6. I also tried another isp and got the same problem. Could it be a configuration problem?

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    Do this...Click on Start > Programs > AOL > AOL System information > Utilities tab > Clear browser cache > Uninstall AOL Adaptors. Follow the prompts and restart. This SHOULD fix the problem :smile: If it doesn't please let me know.


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