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    Please give me procedures how to reformat my pc

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    I'm no expert but ive did this once before so I'll tell you what I did from memory as no one else has replied to you yet.

    1st back up all of your important files or any files/programmes that you want to keep as EVERYTHING will be wiped from your hard drive.

    Make sure you have a windows boot disc then restart your PC in DOS mode. Type "FORMAT C:"
    (without the quotes)Then reply yes at the are you sure prompt.

    Your PC will then start go through the process of formatting which may take some time.

    After this is complete restart your PC and hold down the delete key to enter the set up screen. Set the option to boot from disc (or boot from drive c or whatever)save changes & exit.

    Insert yor windows CD and follow the on screen instructions (you may have to restrt before this stage).

    Thats the rough jist of it I would also strongly recomend that you also type "format"
    into a search engine such as Google and look for a site that gives you proper step by step instructions, there are plenty out there.

    Good Luck!