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Thread: memory problems

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    I use windows xp with a pentium4 128 sdram,
    now i tried to install a extre 256 sdram to increase my memmory to 384 but when i install it windows won't start, not even in safe mode, it just says hard/software problem.
    But when i look in the bios the memory is recongnise in slot 2 but not has 256 sdram but 512 sdram, now when i take this out and run on 128 sdram whuch is in slot 1 every thing works fine.
    please please help

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    Memeory must be matched.
    You cannot mismatch memory modules.
    If one slot contains 256 meg then the second must also contain 256 meg of exactly the same type.

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    memory is tricky. some bioes allow each slot to have different speeds but all to work togeter must be matched in speed (8n 10n etc)
    and mhz (64 100 133). When upgrading memory I suggest you pull your old memory out and read the sticker (if it has one). If all else fails got to This is an excellant place to match your memory to your motherboard.