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    My students with Hotmail accounts can't subscribe or get messages from our listserv. We have tried turning the Junk mail filter off and adding the addresses to the Mailing lists section, all to no avail. I hope someone can help.

    Barbara Shaw
    University of Texas/El Paso

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    Hotmail allows users to set-up something called "Inbox Protection" which routes all emails that aren't specifically addressed to the user into a "Bulk Mail Folder". Since all messages from the listserv get sent to: "Subscribers of xxxx.xx.xx." they would all be routed to this Bulk Mail Folder instead of the user's Inbox.--Meaning if users only look in their "Inbox" they won't see any mail from the list.

    It's possible to go to the Bulk Mail Folder, find the messages from the listserv and indicate to Hotmail that those messages specifically are not Bulk Mail, and they will now always go to the Inbox. If a student hasn't used "Inbox Protection", however, it shouldn't be a problem.
    Also the listserv may be set not to accept accounts from hotmail and other web based email addresses.