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    I was wondering if anyone knew what an error message called "Kernel32.DLL" is. I just got my internet installed through a cable modem. My internet was working for a while and then it just stopped. now when i click on the internet explorer icon that error message comes up. There is also another one called "user.exe". If anyone has any idea as to how to fix it could you give me a response. Thanks

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    The ol' kernel is the heart of any operating system.
    User.exe is the file that holds your details.
    Generall these fault are caused by a corrupt password file.
    Search your drive for any incident of .pwl files and delete them.
    Reboot. You will be presented with a screen asking for a user name and password.
    Enter your name (Using your net logon name has benifits). Adding a password is optional. If left blank your computer will boot up directly to Windows without asking for a password.