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    I am currently working on a Word document that has a few scanned images inserted into it. I have been using the Insert-picture-from file command, which has worked well until all my pictures disappeared and I was left with a black outline of the image area and a large red-cross through the centre (with white background). I have been grouping my pictures with text boxes and now only the text box is displayed. I have thoroughly searched the 'help' command on Windows and there is nothing that offers a solution to this problem. There are not enough images to threaten the memory capacity, so I am a little confused about what has happened. I would be very grateful of any suggestions toward tackling this small but frustrating problem.

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    This will depend on how you inserted the picture.
    You may have actaully only made a link with it and if the pic was removed, moved or had it's name changed the link is broken and the pic cannot be seen.
    Did you scan the picture directly into word? (the actual pic may not have been saved)
    Check your drive for the actual picture file