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    I just bought a new computer running Windows XP. The tech guy ran out of time before I could check all the periperals and he had to leave. The Iomega Atapi/IDE internal 100 mgb Zip drive he moved from my old machine into the new one was getting power but I couldn't get Windows to recognize the disk. I tried everything the Iomega site suggested, to no avail, and then I found some damaged pins on the back of the ZIp drive. I straightened those out, and then I found that the data connector had a cut in it, so I replaced it. Now it recognizes the ZIP disk as a slave device, but will not load Windows. When verifying DMI pool data (whatever that is, I don't know) I get a messsage, "Bootable CD doesn't exist", then Disk Boot Failure. I've played with the CMOS settings on boot device sequences but can't fix it. Also, I removed the hard drive to check the notatations on it, thinking that it may be set as a slave rather than master drive, and noticed one pin was a little recessed, but the system still booted up normally. I only ran into problems after I installed the new data connector and got the system to recognize the ZIP drive. Thanks for any help.

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    Some tech guy. Hope you didn't pay him. No job should be paid for till it is finished.
    As with Zip drive forget it under XP the drivers barely work and the system runs like a dog.
    I tried everything known to man to get my ZIP drive to work under XP. I sold it instrad and bought a better burner.

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    Because Microsoft is set on stopping unauthorized reproduction of it's operation system xp(hone edition) has become a real bear. I suggest to all my clients that unless you really need xp don't use it...just too much of a hassle. And if you must use it, get the porfessional edition. (less of a hassle). I will be the first to admit it does have some great advantages....but at a price.
    Enough said:
    1. Check your bios. Is your hard drive recognized as a master?..if not, set your jumper to master .
    2. check your zip drive. If on the same ide cable make sure it is set to slave.
    3. If the zip is on the secondary ide cable(if you have one)and it is alone,set the zip to master.(ON SECONDARY).
    Note: if you have a cd-rom make sure it's on the secondary ide...put zip as a slave on master. (don't have zip & cd-rom on same cable)
    4. make sure you have power to each and the ide cable red line(could be blue etc) is closest to the power.
    5. Check you boot sequence and make sure you c drive(ide 0) is before your zip drive. Most common setting is a:cdrom:ide0(master)ther device.
    save and exit
    go right back into the bios and check it out for accuracy.
    Reboot and see what happens.