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    I went onto a music site to listen to internet radio, I had to select Real Player to listen- I could get no sound? to top this I had lost both my CD and CD writer/DVD. I checked on MY Computer and both Icons had gone? drive D and E. I installed a patch from Microsoft= patch secondary IDE driver, version 4.71.1015.0, discription Win32 Cabinet self extractor. everything was then back in order, so I repeated the exercise with listening with Basic Realplayer and had to do the whole thing again. Has anyone out there had the same happen, I will not use Realplayer again thats for sure strange things happen with Real.(KPIG was the radio site)

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    I am not a fan of the free version of real player or whatever it is called today. It rivals kazaa for spyware, adware and according to many dumps more destructive commercial junk on computers than any other program.
    If you want to hear real audio streams buy either the PLUS/Premium edition (no ads etc) or choose an alternative at (go to Streaming Audio). You need one that plays as may formats as possible (Real Audio is ra files)