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    I cant hear my dialup ringing tone? when connected I usually have a traffic light symbol and at the right of this two green tv symbols -down by the clock- which flash when connected and have arrows flashing from one to the other, the traffic light symbol on the left has disappeared which seems to have happened at the time I lost the dialing tone sound?
    I have Pentium 3 550 128 Tiny.thanks for any assistance. Jim

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    What brand of modem are you using.
    If you have no dial tone then the connection between the modem and the phone line is damaged. Replace the phone lead and/or have the socket checked by the phone company.
    Also check to see if the computer is actually communicating to the modem by clicking Start>Settings>Control Panel Choose System. In Device Manager look for the Modem line and click on the +. Double click on the modem and then choose Troubleshoot