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    I have a dumb thought. I always felt that the sum of

    the parts was equal to the whole. I now get the feeling

    that the sum of the parts is more than the whole.

    I decided to save the contents of a web page with

    schematics and plain text unto a 3.5 floppy. A right click

    on the page in the text area with a click on Properties

    indicated that the size was 19.6 KB. Right clicking on

    the on Properties yielded a total of

    of 152.6 KB. I saved the entire page to an unused floppy

    and checked its Pie Chart. said 19.6 KB used. My

    question now is : Where did the 133 KB go ?Thanks for

    any insight into this novelty.

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    One measurement related to the actual size of the page the other the size of the actual display.